Gluten-Free Foods – Producers Are Beginning to Take Notice of a Significant Market Opportunity

“There’s no question that gluten-free is ultimately getting the interest it should have from mainline merchants.” States Kinnikinnik Foods, which specializes in the production as well as wholesale distribution of gluten-free foods to over 800 stores in the United States. The blog site pointing that out additionally boasts, “We’re delighted to reveal that we have actually obtained 3 brand-new chains to include in the ever-growing checklist of stores lugging our products.”.

A recent research study shows that one out of every 133 healthy and balanced individuals in the U.S. endure from celiac disease, which along with gluten intolerance and also gluten sensitivity are specified as food hypersensitivities. When wheat gluten or similar healthy proteins in barley and also rye are eaten, they cause an inflammatory feedback in the little bowel that could lead to looseness of the bowels, bloating and at some point weight loss. Presently, the only treatment for celiac condition or gluten level of sensitivity is to stay clear of gluten-containing foods.

Products Are Difficult to Find.

For consumers with gluten intolerance a stroll down any supermarket alley is a hide-and-seek workout in recognizing gluten-free food. Although wheat (durum, semolina, kamut, meant), rye, as well as barley are the main grains to prevent, people typically neglect that there is a long list of foods that could contain these grains, based on the Gluten Intolerance Group (

-Breading, layer blends, Panko
-Broth, soup bases
-Wild rice syrup
-Flour or grain products
-Replica bacon
-Imitation fish and shellfish
-Processed lunch meat
-Sauces, gravies
-Self-basting poultry
-Soy sauce or soy sauce solids
-Packing, dressing
-Thickeners (roux)
-Communion wafers
-Organic supplements
-Drugs, over the counter medications
-Nutritional supplements, minerals and vitamin supplements

Alternate Ingredients

To change an existing item, companies could utilize rice, corn, soy, potato, buckwheat, quinoa, millet, or nut flours, according to the American Dietetic Association. Changing the grains can make the items appearance and overall taste modification significantly, as in soy-based pizza dough.

In the autumn of 2007, Penford Food Contents released a new pudding starch that claims to restore several of the appearance shed in gluten-free products. The King Arthur Flour Company is likewise making pre-made mixes with rice flour. The firm includes some testimonials from completely satisfied clients commenting on just how it tastes “like the real point.” Lately, General Mills announced the launch of gluten-free Rice Chex. Rice is gluten-free, the formulation included barley malt syrup, which General Mills replaced with molasses to make Rice Chex gluten-free.

Food business are introducing much more gluten-free foods, they remain hard to locate, oftentimes needing a journey to a specialized food establishment. According to a recent study on the accessibility of a predetermined list of gluten-free products, basic grocery store stores carried 36 percent of items, upscale markets brought 41 percent of items, and also health and wellness food shops carried 94 percent of items.

Obtaining Gluten-Free

Scientists are functioning to establish prevention treatment for gastric illness as well as gluten sensitivities, the just true avoidance is a gluten-free diet regimen. The diet can be extremely restricting to customers due to taste and structure of the products, high cost, and also general lack of accessibility. Cutting-edge food companies are proceeding to create new products as well as alter regularing items to meet need from this specialized populace. As more food manufacturers aim to serve specific niches, anticipate them to present a lot more gluten-free products.

One last point food business establishing items for this market have to think about is the FDA’s labeling restrictions. No main standards have been posted yet, more details about labeling need to be available in August. The FDA file ought to consist of an interpretation of gluten-free, words that might be used for gluten-free label claims, and also a general threshold worth of gluten ppm (components per million) that could be in a food as well as still be billed as gluten-free.

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